Thursday, October 11, 2007


We just celebrated our 10 year. That means he can't just fire me without a
Not being able to work in the real world , I had to think of something to get my husband that he doesn't already have. Sooooo..................since he jokes about me trying to sell on ETSY, I decided I should create something that would make him go hummm.
I took one of his 10000 of car T-shirts, one worn so thin you can almost see through it, and cut it up...OK I took 2, but he'll never miss them.
My husband likes to dragrace, as I have posted before on our trips to the dragstrip...I like to go , but as a spectator once you see all the cars go down a couple of times is plenty for me! I suppose it would be different if you was behind the wheel....

I had to put webbing face down on the shirt to give it strength. Then I sewed it onto a TOTE. Something everyman I thought at least he could use it for a garbage , or carry some of his magazines in it to read at the track....

It wasn't enough...I had to put something on the back
He is the biggest Mopar fan. The "posting tree" is from the other shirt. When I was well, I painted a very large dragracing tree on the wall of his shop in the garage. Look pretty cool.
To my surprise he Loved it ♥ !!! He said he would carry his union buisness in it. WOW
I was shocked! He said his buddies would probably want one. Bring on the T-shirts baby. Give a man a picture of a car or motor head magazine and he's in his glory. Go figure.

What you ask did I get?!!!!

My skill saw broke and he tried to fix it but it was so old, 1966 Dremel that was my Dad's, he couldn't get the part. I was sad and asked Santa for one but he said no because I would probably cut my fingers off because of my vision problems.
He ♥ me!

He even saved the sander off the old

machine and attatched it to my

table! Yeh baby....

I played with some scrap and can't wait to put that puppy to good

use. I missed the Halloween season but Christmas.

Now where will all that be stored?!

Hopefully I'll start selling some things soon.
I wanna go play.
Bye-bye for now.