Sunday, July 13, 2008

Think Big

Who says big is better?

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Bird watching

I have really been interested in the hummingbirds this year. I have always loved to watch them in my flower gardens and never maintained a feeder for them till this year. They arrived in early May but I didn't get my feader out until the middle. The male was the first to come. I put equal amounts of water and sugar to keep his interest. The male guards the feeders from my antenna and lookes from front yard to back yard to make sure no other male enters the picture. (My sister and I watched this as we floated in the pool for a couple days.) Feeding every 15 minutes.

Once the females arrives and eats till her hearts content, she notices the male as he makes himself noticed by making large sweeping flights in the sky. She just hangs out on the feeder out front like it was the beach, taking in the sites, leaving occasionally to swing with the wind on the branches of a nearby red plum tree. He would join her and they would buzz around the branches like it was the monkey bars at the playground. After a couple weeks I didn't see much of her and the quick visits by him made me think they found other places more attractive until they just appeared again with a baby. She was fuzzy and a little smaller if they could get any smaller. I couldn't keep track of how many or if there was just the one because they were always feeding and buzzing about. I had to change my THREE feeders twice in one week. I could see little bubbles float to the top of the feeder as they sucked it dry.

The mom and dad started their courtship again so they must be nesting close by. I have at least four different ones feeding now and they all look the same size. I can only hope that in a few more weeks I will get to see another baby! Till then I will crochet on the porch, watching them play and getting chirpped at when they need more food. Taking a photo now and again.
Be sure to look close, they are so small and they blend into the leaves so well:)