Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Day two

I posted two scarves and a baby blanket yesterday. Today I had someone interested in my wooden angel but a smaller version. I posted a smaller angel (I had made for Christmas time) but they want the other one smaller. UGH My saw broke, I'm out of work, my doctors appointment didn't go so good, I wasted the day away!

Somebody stop me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

If I was voted President, I would enforce NAP TIME!

No negative threads about things that don't really matter anyway!

Everyone would share laundry duty!

Every kitchen would come with a menu board!

Everyone would have to say hello to one and other!

I think I'm going to take a nap, have my daughter do a load of towels, have my husband cook on the grill and not look at a PC screen or TV the rest of the day!
Amen and Good night

Monday, August 27, 2007

Back to school

WOW, I love my kid but I am sooooo glad today was the first day of school!!! I have done nothing but run her and her friends around! OMG we still have one more fair to go....I don't know if I could take it.
I am so looking forward to spend the entire day working on my crafts. I found the perfect glass deal yesterday and already have two special orders to do. Yippie!!! I get more sales from friends than on my site. Not feeling the love there lately. I will continue to do what I do and if I can talk myself into it I may do a craft show. Well, off to paint some glass while I'm not shaking too bad. Gotta do it when my body lets me, not when I want to. I can always crochet though , thank god.

Monday, August 13, 2007


In all my years gardening I have never seen anything repulsive!

The life and death of an ugly bug.

I noticed my bell peppers were being eaten by something and some of my tomatoes had bites in them. There was small black turds laying around . I proceeded to take off the suckers and tie them up some more and then I touched something spiky....my scream had to be heard for miles. Now my vision became blurred and no vision in the right eye ( a lovely MS pain ) so I am looking and then I wasn't sure if I was seeing it or it was the medication.lol

Can you see it? So I do a freeky freek, run into the house deciding if I should jump in the shower or call 911. I called my Dad instead. We went on ask.com and put in...what eats tomato plants. Another scream heard from miles around. I decided I had to wrestle the beast from my garden but better take a few photos for proof. It seems lately I see things that are wack and tell my husband and he goes to my medicine and shakes the containers. Proof I have.
Yes he has eyes and teeth...lots of teeth. After I convinced him I wasn't going to hurt him, he started chomp away happily....oh no he didn't just do that!
He must be captured till I can read about him and find out more information. But how? With my vision coming in and out of focus I turn to them. Yes the guys next door who I have hated for days for keeping my fat body out of my pool!

The job need done. I couldn't wait for Mike to get home for who knows if I could find the creature again or if he would have devoured my entire garden! I walk over and asked if one of them would be so kind to get a bug off my tomato plant, not that I was afraid but I was having vision problems ...hehehhehehehe "Sure said the worker" snickering under his breath. I explained I wanted it alive and in a mason jar to show my husband...hehehehehhehehe

Asking a man to remove a bug....embarrassing
Seeing the look on his face when he sees the "bug".....priceless!
The creature has been captured after much hessitation and clipping a large piece of the bush...which it still ate in the mason jar mind you.
you just have to look it up to believe it.YUK
Not much crafting was done yesterday...afraid of my own shadow...felt like they were on me...the video of it is awesome but I don't know how to get that on here YET.
Today I go in the pool.

Saturday, August 11, 2007

The day after

What a day for sales for me... I was asked to do 5 Rosary beads from one of our fellow etsy peeps...word out to Glamorosi! You can catch her site glamorosi from my sites to see section; she does absolutely beautiful jewelery. I'm not just saying that cause she likes my work!!!!

Then I checked back later before bed and someone bought my wooden angel! I am so pleased. I did complete a Halloween tote like I said I was and that was a challenge working with fabric paint , no do overs there!!! I had to figure out how to put straps on and wow that was work too. I think it came out well and it's on my shop now to check out.

On to more serious business....my daughter is at cheer leading camp in Ocean City and we invite a few friends over to see what this guitar hero is all about. Yes we are now closet guitar hero's. I know I will catch at least one of them at Walmart practicing!!! Now mind you not one of us is under 40, so reaction time has slowed with the gravity pull and global warming. I now am questioning why my husband gets up so early before work because he was jamming. My girlfriend Janice's husband Jack did pretty good too...but Mike, Dude you sucked, Don't give your carpal tunnel excuses. I have MS and vision problems are on the top of my list! He wanted to know how it worked and read the directions. You just have to feel it baby, and go with it. Mike's wife Katie and Janice just took it all in with a glass of wine.

The day after; I woke up with a smile , sore wrists and planning my daughters next sleep over!

Thanks everyone for rocking with us it was really a good time!


Tuesday, August 7, 2007


Did you ever feel like you just didn't want to ? No physical therapy, No pepper picking, No laundry, No pulling weeds, No calling doctors, No filling medications, No running all over town, No cooking, No getting out of my Sponge Bob PJ's, No Judge Judy, No phone calls, No PC.......
OK I guess I'll make crafts all day, put a load of laundry in, pick peppers, call the doc., fill the meds, put clothes on, watch Judge Judy, return phone calls, run all over town for my daughter, cook dinner, and update my blog...sorry lose who already signed my guest book, I changed it about and lost all my guests so you'll have to sign in again....have fun this time, some pictures would be nice RYAN!
Off to get a move on even though
I DON'T WANT TO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Maybe a tote, I've never done one...what the heck a Halloween Tote, yeah with a scary picture, to go trick or treating with, that's the picture.....see you when I'm done.

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Wait for it to happen

My mother's "foxy rock" sold today! You should have seen her face when I went over to package it up for it's trip to Delaware. Planning her next creation, what size, who bought it, what will she do with it, why did she buy that one....ugh! Parents! It sure was nice to see her happy, I thought maybe I shouldn't tell her so many of my MS problems. They bring her down, hell they bring me down.
To be happy for a moment again and then it happens. The butterfly you have been watching fly about ,catching the wind and seemingly with no flight plan. The one that knows every time you run in to get the camera just to come out to see her disappear over the house. The one that if you wait for it to happen upon the flowering butterfly bush, of the same color, you may be able to have that one moment in the day. To be so happy!
Maybe I won't complain to her anymore. Maybe if I wait long enough I can just stop feeling so lousy and enjoy her like I enjoyed the butterfly. Even for a moment.