Sunday, February 3, 2008

Let's Talk

What will you be doing this Sunday?!
Maybe darning your husbands socks!!!
Maybe making deals with your daughter for socks!!!
This has got to stop at some point.

It was never me with the sock fetish!! My sister always had to have special cute socks to wear. Not me...I like to go barefoot! Yes sockless! Yeh they are cute and fun to play with when made into a monkey or something but when you have to turn them the right side out to wash and then FOLD them. Are you nuts? YUK !!!!

They are confinding and OMG the littlebaby ones are the worst...let the toes breath for goodness sakes. They have been crammed inside your body for 9 months. Let them be free! Powder them, play little piggies or popcorn shrimps with them.

Anything but wash them and sort them only to have one ESCAPE !

Where do they go? How long do you keep rewashing the same one in hopes that the other will appear, or is it the other one that came back and the one you had escaped. How would you know? When do you decide to get rid of it? You know the other one will come back and then it will take several washings to remember you threw the other one away weeks ago!!!

Yeh, I know what I'll be doing today, after doing a load of SOCKS............................


1 comment:

  1. Very cute sock monkeys, but don't tempt me! I've already gotten 2 from Etsy and I think I'm developing an addiction.