Saturday, August 23, 2008


Yes, the weather will be changing here in Western PA soon and since I am slow moving I must start the Fall Gardening.

This year I have to down size my flower gardens even more:( It took me a few weeks of crying about it, after all it took 10 long years to get it where I wanted it!

It wasn't all about the was a hobby. A place I would go after work and loose my thoughts. Bury my stress amongst it.

It had become another reminder of what I can no longer do. It doesn't deserve to be ignored and choked with weeds! There has to be a way to save it.

I have given parts of it to friends and family. With the brawn of my husband, I have decided what will be boxed and set by the roadside marked "free to a good home". Babies from the original flowers.

I think I will like the new design I made for the landscaping. River rocks will pave the way to walk through easily and painted markers with the type will adorn the flowers. I came across a small rock water fountain and an antique bird bath that will fill the void. I even have a spot for the hummingbirds to play!

It should last another 10 long years..............................

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