Friday, April 25, 2008

My Spring Poem

Sorry it's been so long

but spring has sprung

and I'm not done!

Lots to do and lots that's new.

Lot's been happening, how about you?

A monkey tree , for my birthday you know.

I'll be 46 and I'm trying to sew.

A little of this and a lot of that,

no wonder that I've become so fat!

The doctor visits, the steroids and such,

have got me watching soap operas with lunch.

Time for a pill but my pool needs filled.

I wonder who's on today's Dr. Phil!

I've got ants and spiders and all that stuff

my daughter is freaking, she's not so tough!

So spring has sprung , I've got nothing to do

but kill the ants and a spider or two.

The grass needs cut, the garden needs tilled,

my husband will do it, I'm sure he'll be thrilled.

Clean the hot tub, fill the pool

start in the kitchen till quarter till 2

Time for a nap, the ants march on by

maybe tomorrow I'll give it a try.

Do I hear thunder? It started to rain.

That would definitely explain the pain!

Yes, spring has sprung and no one is done.

Let's make a monkey.

Now that sounds like fun!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. such fun --lol

    blessings ~ Shell



  3. brilliant!
    adding your link thanx for stopping by

  4. Ooooh, I LOVE your sock monkeys! :-D

  5. Hello there Annette
    got your Flickr message of well wishes
    and it made me smile inside.......... how nice that someone has been thoughtful in asking how my health difficulties are progressing (if that makes sense)

    Liked your poem entry here. Sometimes it feels like so much has happened in ones life that it's difficult to know where to start so I could understand why you chose to use that format for your entry.

    Regarding my legs (and spine problem) I can't figure out how or where I mentioned that to you??.

    Anyway....Did I tell you that I was admitted to hospital last Monday week? What a nightmare that day was and the following three days. I was in such extreme pain with the leg nerve pain that I had to have some help/relief.

    Cant say they were that helpful in terms of pain relief but
    I am pleased to say that about 4 days later (one day after exiting hospital) the nerve pain went away.

    Now I am walking with a crutch, and am mainly on my computer and gradually trying out doing small physical tasks to build up myself to getting back to my "normal" self. That is someone in chronic pain but able to manage to at least do some printmaking with my press here in my studio.( with plenty of pacing going on.

    Cant wait to try out your lovely crochet rosary beads!!

    Might be a little while yet though.

    You can be sure that I will post on my blog, the results and let you know.

    sorry this is a bit long but as you asked.............

    best wishes