Thursday, September 11, 2008

Waiting for the OK

Every now and again you come across a pattern that you really like and this ghost is too fun. I did him with #20 crochet thread and I think he came out great!!! I e-mailed the designer Connie Folse and I am waiting for permission to sell. Sure hope she lets me:) but I bet I can find someone who would love him as a

Just got word...I can sell it anywhere but on the web:( Looks like an October present it is!


  1. AWww that is a shame but it is cute!! Did a great job. The person who receives it as a present should be elated!

  2. Happy Birthday Theresa!!! I sewed her a case for her digital camera, gave her the ghost windsock and of course crocheted her an ity-bity monkey with magnets in a four legs:)

  3. Just love this funny friendly looking wee ghostie !!!!