Friday, October 3, 2008

Blog Tag?

Well here I am, playing a game of "blog tag" which means I must reveal 6 secrets about myself then tag others to do the same. Thanks can check her out at or read her secrets at
Here goes:
6. I am very unhealthy and overweight, that said I have a brown belt in martial arts from back in the day:)
5. I am a control freak...everything has a place, that said I am so organized that I am unorganized
4. I never loose a fight ...ask my husband, he always says "YES DEAR"
3. I don't know how to sew , ya I took a mandatory class in high school back in the day:) I used to watch my Mom lay patterns out all over the dinning room table and pray it wasn't for me!!!!!!!!
2. 95% of gift giving is boss called me thrifty, my employees called me cheap!
1. Jack of all trades, master of none...I guess that isn't much of a secret

OK, then now, I have to find others to play along....


  1. Thank you for the sweet compliment you left for me on my blog.

    I am so honorned that you would choose me to tag, though you are the 6th now.

    I have only played once, but will do it one more time because it is fun.


  2. I say tell your boss and work mates not to be so rude!! This year you could recycle all the christmas cards that they sent you, by crossing out the to and from part and send them back!!!
    That is nonsense that you are jack of all trades ...., have confidence in yourself!!! Your work is lovely!

    And yes one day ,I may appear on you doorstep with family in tow !!:)

    madboodesigns x

  3. Annette.......thanks for the "you are Tagged" spell that you have put on me.......and I agree with Victoria have made some delightful lil critturs (spececially love your wee monkeys)

    Sure I will play "TAG" !!

    keep up the good work.

  4. Hey, homemade gift giving isn't cheap...Every gift you get or give is made by SOMEONE!!