Monday, October 6, 2008


It was a lovely weekend to work outside in the garden. Our project of thinning, rearranging and shoveling tons and tons and tons of river rocks is just about done, at least for this year.
We had several set backs!
* I am not suppose to be doing this kind of work at all but I had to protect my babies from the Big Footed Stomp Monster (my husband)
....after everyday we got the chance to work on the project my back would be out and I would be in severe pain for several days,
* my heart would race and I would get out of breath.....Failed a stress test and found a heart problem to add to my list of heath issues....
* my husband failed to latch the trailer on correctly and the trailer came off with a ton of rocks, swinging around and trashing the entire back of his new dually
and finally
* we ran out of fabric to put down to help prevent any weeds We have lots more to do but I think I will like it a lot when it is all done...I wonder how much it did actually cost?!!!!!!

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