Monday, August 13, 2007


In all my years gardening I have never seen anything repulsive!

The life and death of an ugly bug.

I noticed my bell peppers were being eaten by something and some of my tomatoes had bites in them. There was small black turds laying around . I proceeded to take off the suckers and tie them up some more and then I touched something scream had to be heard for miles. Now my vision became blurred and no vision in the right eye ( a lovely MS pain ) so I am looking and then I wasn't sure if I was seeing it or it was the

Can you see it? So I do a freeky freek, run into the house deciding if I should jump in the shower or call 911. I called my Dad instead. We went on and put in...what eats tomato plants. Another scream heard from miles around. I decided I had to wrestle the beast from my garden but better take a few photos for proof. It seems lately I see things that are wack and tell my husband and he goes to my medicine and shakes the containers. Proof I have.
Yes he has eyes and teeth...lots of teeth. After I convinced him I wasn't going to hurt him, he started chomp away happily....oh no he didn't just do that!
He must be captured till I can read about him and find out more information. But how? With my vision coming in and out of focus I turn to them. Yes the guys next door who I have hated for days for keeping my fat body out of my pool!

The job need done. I couldn't wait for Mike to get home for who knows if I could find the creature again or if he would have devoured my entire garden! I walk over and asked if one of them would be so kind to get a bug off my tomato plant, not that I was afraid but I was having vision problems ...hehehhehehehe "Sure said the worker" snickering under his breath. I explained I wanted it alive and in a mason jar to show my husband...hehehehehhehehe

Asking a man to remove a bug....embarrassing
Seeing the look on his face when he sees the "bug".....priceless!
The creature has been captured after much hessitation and clipping a large piece of the bush...which it still ate in the mason jar mind you.
you just have to look it up to believe it.YUK
Not much crafting was done yesterday...afraid of my own shadow...felt like they were on me...the video of it is awesome but I don't know how to get that on here YET.
Today I go in the pool.


  1. What a gorgeous creature! I haven’t seen one in years. I suppose that’s better for my garden but they are interesting to watch.

  2. yuk! I would have liked to seen him morph into a huge moth though.

  3. Hi! Found you in the etsy forums!

    My dad had one in his garden last year and it had all of these little white bumps hanging off of its back...apparently there is a species of wasp that lays its eggs on the caterpillar and will eventually kill it...I'll spare the details of HOW it kills it...

    If you want your tomatoes, the beastie had to go:)

  4. yeh but how do you enjoy a tommato ,onion,cucumber,salad with vinigar and oil after seeing that!