Saturday, August 11, 2007

The day after

What a day for sales for me... I was asked to do 5 Rosary beads from one of our fellow etsy peeps...word out to Glamorosi! You can catch her site glamorosi from my sites to see section; she does absolutely beautiful jewelery. I'm not just saying that cause she likes my work!!!!

Then I checked back later before bed and someone bought my wooden angel! I am so pleased. I did complete a Halloween tote like I said I was and that was a challenge working with fabric paint , no do overs there!!! I had to figure out how to put straps on and wow that was work too. I think it came out well and it's on my shop now to check out.

On to more serious daughter is at cheer leading camp in Ocean City and we invite a few friends over to see what this guitar hero is all about. Yes we are now closet guitar hero's. I know I will catch at least one of them at Walmart practicing!!! Now mind you not one of us is under 40, so reaction time has slowed with the gravity pull and global warming. I now am questioning why my husband gets up so early before work because he was jamming. My girlfriend Janice's husband Jack did pretty good too...but Mike, Dude you sucked, Don't give your carpal tunnel excuses. I have MS and vision problems are on the top of my list! He wanted to know how it worked and read the directions. You just have to feel it baby, and go with it. Mike's wife Katie and Janice just took it all in with a glass of wine.

The day after; I woke up with a smile , sore wrists and planning my daughters next sleep over!

Thanks everyone for rocking with us it was really a good time!


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