Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Wait for it to happen

My mother's "foxy rock" sold today! You should have seen her face when I went over to package it up for it's trip to Delaware. Planning her next creation, what size, who bought it, what will she do with it, why did she buy that one....ugh! Parents! It sure was nice to see her happy, I thought maybe I shouldn't tell her so many of my MS problems. They bring her down, hell they bring me down.
To be happy for a moment again and then it happens. The butterfly you have been watching fly about ,catching the wind and seemingly with no flight plan. The one that knows every time you run in to get the camera just to come out to see her disappear over the house. The one that if you wait for it to happen upon the flowering butterfly bush, of the same color, you may be able to have that one moment in the day. To be so happy!
Maybe I won't complain to her anymore. Maybe if I wait long enough I can just stop feeling so lousy and enjoy her like I enjoyed the butterfly. Even for a moment.


  1. the butterfly slide is so impressive!
    Congradulation! i really the rock painting..

  2. I mean i really LIKE the rock painting!

  3. Yes, it works and it's beautiful! Looks great on your blog. See you at Yankee Lake!

  4. Cool picture show....I have never seen it done this way before!

  5. my mom and I are having a craft day after I get over another infection.ugh
    I had a phnuenoma shot or how ever it is spelled and evedently it went into my blood stream so my arm is in major pain, its the size of an orange and i can't lift anything with my arm. HE GAVE ME ANTIBIOTICS FOR A BACTERIA INFECTION, call monday if it isnt better.
    thrn tonight i has totake my avonex whichgives me fku like symptoms up to 24 hour. UGH